jeans and a sweatshirt


friday, nov. 5, 2010

the look:

sunglasses: original penguin (gift)

sweatshirt: thrifted, edited

jeans: banana republic

shoes: keds (i think they’re from famous footwear)


work, errands, grocery store, dinner with my mom

it’s football season, and even though i don’t care who plays who when or who wins, it makes sense to the rest of the world when i wear this sweatshirt on a friday before a game. :) i found it at a salvation army probably five or six years ago (in my college years). i decided to cut the neck off this year and it’s a lot more comfortable now!

my mom is in town for all-state cheerleading! :) my alma mater performs tomorrow and my cousin is on the team. can’t wait to see them do their thing!