keisha's closet makeover

a few months ago, my friend keisha was selling her townhouse and also wanted to switch her closet from winter to summer. i invited myself over :) to help her go through her clothes.

we work at the same company, so i see her almost every day and know what she wears and what she doesn’t. but i don’t have an emotional attachment to any of her things, so i was able to be the voice of reason when it came to items that didn’t fit her right or that she hadn’t worn in the past year.

what happened?

  • we rediscovered a few gems that she hadn’t seen in a while. she was kind of surprised to see them and got really excited to wear them again. when our closet gets too full, we can’t see all the things we love.
  • her style has changed since college, but she still has a bunch of those items in her closet. i’m looking at you, graphic t-shirts…
  • she was hanging on to stuff because she’s had it forever and doesn’t want to part with it, or she thinks she maybe might would wear it again. clothes represent lots of things for us…experiences, trips we took, etc. they’re more than just things we wear.
  • there were a number of shirts with tags on them that she decided to give away (many of these were given to her as gifts, so she vowed to be better at returning things!).

over the next couple weeks, i saw her outfits get more inspired and exciting. she started taking risks and wearing skinny jeans with flats and long tunics. i don’t think you can spend a couple hours in your closet and NOT get inspired with new outfit ideas!

i’m in desperate need of my own closet makeover, so i’m spending today in my closet! it has grown quite a bit in the past year and i really want to edit it down. i feel really guilty when i look at it. and i am so confused in the mornings about what to wear, because there are so many options!

i really want to have a smaller selection of well-made clothing that i love (i have to keep reminding myself of this and maybe someday i’ll actually accomplish it). and of course, my body will be changing so much in the next several months so it just makes sense to pack some of it away for a while.