my gift-giving secrets


a friend told me the other day that i am a good gift-giver. i don't particularly consider myself one, but i was flattered nonetheless. >> i'm certainly a terrible gift-giver to my husband, because i'd rather buy him things i want him to have wear than what he'd really like...poor guy! but i guess for my friends, i'm not too bad.


here are my go-to gift-giving sources:

  • FRANCESCA'Shave you been in there? EVERYTHING is for sale except the cash register. all the mirrors, lamps, etc. you wouldn't know it because they don't have price tags on them, but it's true. just ask the sales girl when you're in there. first i check out the tables covered in quirky, adorable gifts. i'm talking cute cupcake liners, stationary, designer iphone cases and other accessories, chip clips, oven mitts, paper straws and colored pencils. cute stuff you want but probably wouldn't buy for yourself. (i've almost bought those pencils three times for myself but keep putting them back. wouldn't they look so cute in Rooney's nursery?) they also have great jewelry! (and don't forget the gift bag! amazing gift bags in there.)
  • WORLD MARKETso, truth is i have yet to buy a gift from world market, but i feel like it has great potential. food, drink, jewelry, etc.
  • PINTEREST: my new favorite tip is to check out the gift-recipient's pinterest boards. is there a pair of shoes or necklace they want? i keep a board for things i want, things i want for rooney and things i want for eric. this may require you to think ahead and order the item, but i bet you they will be surprised! (you can also search for their amazon or target wish list, too!)

also: a tissue paper trick for using gift bags!