my grandma's legacy

my grandma & me at my 8th-grade confirmation  

my grandma & me at my 8th-grade confirmation  

Two years ago today, my grandma Dorothy passed away. She was diagnosed with cancer in April, started chemo in May and died in June. I found out via a text from my dad while breastfeeding Finch when he was just 3 weeks old. It was a really hard time for me to grieve while learning a new baby and adjusting to life as a family of four. I am sad she never got to meet Finch, but I'm grateful that she knew he was her newest great-grandson when she passed. She had even bought a gift for him that we found after the funeral.


She always said she was going to make it to 80, and she did! She had turned 80 in February of that same year. A month after she passed, my dad was going through some of her stuff and found this note she had written to her family:

It says: To my children, spouses, grandchildren: What a joy you all are to me! I love you all so much and appreciate every thing you do for me. If this is God's will, fine. I'm sure he will protect me and be with me. He has always been my friend and has helped me through the rough spots. Please don't mourn me, just think of me often and remember all the wonderful, wonderful times we've had together. I've had a wonderful life. Mom

My grandmother was someone who said very little but had a big influence on me. She raised one daughter and six sons. She worked full-time and was very smart with her money. She wrote a letter to me when I turned 16 that I still have and treasure. She attended all of my sporting events. She loved baking (her homemade donuts and kringla were my absolute favorite), walking, and doing number and word puzzles (Cryptoquote, crosswords, The Aces on Bridge, Sudoku). My favorite memory was when she babysat my brother and I and she beat us at all the board games. She had 23 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren (and even more now). I'm so grateful to be a part of her family tree.

I think of her often and am so thankful she was a friend of God's so I can see her again. I love you, Grandma!