the big game


tuesday, dec. 21, 2010

the look:

top: old navy

cardigan: american apparel

scarf: american apparel

belt: the limited

jeans: banana republic

boots: claire’s


work, errands, basketball game

my brother-in-law is a girls’ basketball coach. one of my husband’s best friends is also a girls’ basketball coach. tonight they play each other! ahh, i am so excited to go watch and cheer for both of them. :)

last night E and i went shopping and had a great time. well, i sure did. mostly because i had 43 extra dollars to spend. it was like shopping with free money. we also had dinner at t.g.i.friday’s and turns out their jack daniel’s burger is pure amazingness. have you ever had it? wow, my taste buds were in love.

at the mall i got a couple new skinny belts. finally, right?! they are adjustable so i can wear them around my waist or normal like this. i also got these boots. i saw them when i bought my panda hat and have since been driving all over town to find them in my size. i started to wonder if it was silly to drive to 4 different claire’s stores for $11 boots?

oh yeah, and this scarf. i’ve had it for years but yesterday i saw that american apparel is styling them like this and i wanted to try it out. the scarf is naturally long and thin, so i just twisted it and tied the ends together and wrapped it around my neck a couple times. i think it’s so cute and unexpected!