my picks: winter 30 for 30 challenge


here we go again! when kendi announced that the winter 30 for 30 would begin on feb. 1, i got cold feet. i even thought about sitting this one out. which is odd, because i had just told my husband that i couldn’t wait for the next one. but wasn’t it winter during the last challenge? and did i really have enough clothes to choose 30 different items?

after a minute of that silly nonsense, i signed up. my outfits have never been as creative as they were during the fall challenge, and i have a much more workable closet now because i took what i learned last time and bought all the items on my shopping list. (i also had an extra week to think about my items this time around, and was able to do some pre-shopping…)

what’s different this time?
1. i’m excited! so excited, actually. last time i was really nervous and knew i would finish the challenge but thought my outfits would be lame. this time while we were photographing everything, i was overwhelmed again with how many items 30 really is and how much i truly love wearing these pieces.

2. everything is work-appropriate. last time i caught myself looking forward to the weekends just so i could wear my mini skirt.

3. i included more tops, more skirts, more color, more heels, more patterns, and overall more dressier items. i am repeating three items from last time (two jeans and one top) and picked one less pair of shoes than last time. this time i also have a larger stable of accessories to choose from. (last time i had one waist belt that i wore in half my outfits; this time i have six, and lots of colored tights and scarves.)

here are my items!

9 tops

3 dresses

2 skirts

3 jeans

3 colorful cardigans

2 vests

2 jackets

5 shoes

1 wild card (i’m not even sure what to call this thing?)

and instead of shopping for the next 30 days, i have a list of DIY projects i want to try! let’s do this.