old navy to the rescue

when: saturday, jan. 14, 2012

his outfit:
t-shirt: old navy
hoodie: old navy
jeans: old navy
shoes: helix via kohl’s

where: photography gig

  1. bless this dude’s heart for standing in the cold while i learned how to shoot in manual mode. i take his photography skills for granted.
  2. those are the old navy jeans i told you about last week. they’re all we hoped for and more! we’ve already placed another order for a pair in a slightly darker wash and longer length so he can cuff them.
  3. helix apparel at kohl’s is neat-o. and because of sales and a store credit, he got those shoes for $2. i’m not kidding.

p.s. eric knows how to shop at kohl’s!

also, 18 things i learned this weekend.