Beanie Weenie

This is my absolute favorite recipe. My mom made it a lot for me when I was growing up, and my nana made it for her when she was growing up. It's sort of a family favorite.

I mean, anything with beans and a lot of brown sugar is sure to be a hit!

Scan 111520000
Scan 111520000

Eric and I usually make a half batch and still have two servings left over. And the best part is it's just so darn easy!

Gather your ingredients (listed above in the recipe card from my sister).

Combine all ingredients in a pot.


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Scan 111520001


Secret tip: Beanie weenie is best consumed with wavy or ripple potato chips. We actually love to use the chips as edible spoons.

Oh, and be forewarned. You've heard of magical beans, right?

What's your go-to recipe?