recently purchased: online orders for eric

i love shopping (especially online…have you read my how to shop online series?), but i haven’t been buying much for myself lately. mostly because i got my soon maternity winnings and my 30-week belly looks best in maternity shirts. and because my closet is so full right now (with maternity and non-maternity) that it’s kind of embarrassing. and because i will probably want to buy some new stuff after the baby comes! so i’m just saving up.

but eric had money to spend so he has been keeping me busy. :) after Christmas he told me he wanted jeans, boots and a watch. so, we got busy shopping! i think it’s even more fun to shop for him than myself because i don’t have to pay for it! (we keep separate accounts for our clothing purchases.)

  • the jeans were the hardest…we went to eight stores in three days to find the perfect fit and wash. we tried levi’s and gap, mostly, and got close…but nothing was right. i’m still not sure if we found it, but we’re waiting for this slim fit pair to arrive from old navy. they didn’t have his size in the store. (he also threw in this hoodie because we both liked it and then he could get free shipping. he says he is going to wear it for our baby’s birth…and i think it is so funny that he is already planning his outfit for the big day.)
  • i will admit that he found the TOMS boots himself. we weren’t sure about them at first, but we slept on it and decided to go for it. they are a little risky but i can’t wait to see them on him! i think he can totally rock them.
  • and then just yesterday i found that PUMA watch for 55% off on rue la la. the sale has since ended, but you can get it here.

what have you bought lately? any good deals?