a real look at my recent outfits.

i know it’s been pretty quiet over here since rooney was born.

and it makes me kind of sad.

but half of my days look like this, with me in leggings, a sweatshirt and ugly socks:

you can tell by roo’s face that even she knows they are ugly.

remember a few months ago when i said i wanted to look like a fabulous mom? well, some days i just don’t have the energy. and i don’t want to post tons of cute outfits to make you think that i do.

just keepin’ in real over here.

i do get dressed every other day (because that’s how often i shower)…but considering that my time with eric right now is limited, outfit photo shoots don’t typically happen. especially considering that i’d then have to find the time to upload and edit the photos.

not gonna happen.

but i do have a few shots from the past couple weeks, taken with my phone. because i couldn’t let these outfits pass without documentation.

» that last one actually never made it out of the house. i wasn’t sure if dots on dots was too much?