Rooney in Carts // 08

Somewhat sad news for all you Rooney-in-Carts lovers...the days of Rooney riding in carts may be over. These days she is much more interested in pushing the cart, even though she's not quite tall enough, which has made for some interesting shopping trips. She usually has a meltdown for about 10 minutes and begs "Please! Please!" and I have to break it to her that I don't have the ability to grow her 5 inches. I know moms are miracle workers but that one is out of my control. Eventually, she gives in to pushing the little kids' carts and one of us follows her around the store while the other does the actual shopping. (What are your tips on grocery shopping with littles???) I've loved Rooney in Carts and it will likely continue in some capacity. I'm also planning to make a book for her with all her carts photos. It has just been too much fun, and I can't wait to see them all the photos in one place!

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photo 1

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