Rooney's Christmas List

Do you make Christmas lists? We do. They are very specific, too, with links to the exact thing we want. It just seems to go better that way! Occasionally I get emails from blog readers who have kids Rooney's age or younger, and they curious about what she likes to play with and what gifts to ask for for Christmas or birthdays. In hopes this is helpful to at least one of you, here is what's on Rooney's Christmas list this year!


1.Vintage play kitchen($125). Pretty sure she's going to LOVE this. 2."R" letterman's jacket ($13). I mean COME ON. 3. Name puzzle ($30). I had one of these when I was younger. So fun! (I also like this one for $18.) 4.Basketball hoop($25). A slam-dunk gift!


5.Skater dress($20). Our favorite thing in her wardrobe, so we're sizing up for next year. 6.Benny the Jumping Bull ($43). I snagged this for $25 last March from Rue la la. 7. Flamingo sweatshirt($35). Drawn by a 4-year-old, and a portion of the proceeds go to charity! 8.Toy camera ($40). This one is cute too, and cheaper.


9.Picnic table ($98). I searched all over for the right one! 10.Hooded sweatshirt ($34). We're pretty much suckers for anything with an R on it. 11.T-shirt ($20). Des Moines' version of the "I (heart) NY" T-shirt. 12. Boots ($24; now sold out). These are cute, too!

I personally like that her birthday is two months after Christmas so anything she doesn't get can just be put on her birthday list!

P.S. Here was her first birthday list, and Christmas gifts she received last year. P.P.S. From last year: 9 stocking stuffers for babies, all under $15.