Rooney's first broken bone


We experienced our first broken bone this summer, and I never would have guessed it would be our cautious child! She jumped off a stage at daycare and landed on her right shoulder, resulting in a broken clavicle. (So maybe she's not as cautious as I thought. No more stage diving for her.)

It happened toward the end of the school day, and when she got home I could immediately tell something was wrong. She has a very high pain tolerance but was still in a lot of pain. Our pediatrician's clinic was almost closed at this point, so I messaged our pediatrician to see what we should do. She gave us some exercises to try, but Rooney refused to move her shoulder at all. She could move her wrist and her elbow, but wouldn't raise her arm. We were trying to evaluate what we should do while she sat on the couch watching TV, and eventually she got distracted and started smiling and moving it a little more, so instead of heading to Urgent Care we decided to give her Ibuprofen and schedule an appointment with her doctor in the morning. I had to cut her dress off of her because she was in so much pain at every small movement.


I had also messaged our chiropractor to see what he thought because I really didn't think it could be broken and was probably just dislocated. He called me at 8:30 pm and said he was going into his office for 20 minutes and we could come in for X-rays if we wanted. Rooney still wasn't asleep at this point, so I got her up and we went in. I knew I would sleep better if I knew what was wrong and how to help her! Sure enough, X-rays revealed a crack in the bone. It hurt my heart just looking at it!

That was three weeks ago. Slowly but surely, her bone (and my heart) has healed. The human body is amazing! Just a few weeks in a sling and she's good to go. We go back to the doctor next week for follow-up X-rays to make sure it healed properly, but her pain is mostly gone and she can raise her arm again.


  • Awesome doctors!
  • Chewable Tylenol (the grape flavor was her favorite)
  • Button-up shirts and dresses (which we borrowed from Rooney's friend who broke her arm last year)
  • Reusable ice bags

Eric also made her bone broth pancakes to speed up her healing (which she didn't like, but it was worth a try!).

I broke my arm when I was 4, so it gave me a little insight as to what I put my parents through back then. I pray we don't have any more broken bones in our house, but with Finch and his crazy stunts, that's not likely! At least we have our first one out of the way! And I am so relieved she's feeling better!