30 things I’m grateful for in September


My favorite month!

  1. Cheering on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team in St. Paul (on a school night, nonetheless—huge thanks to my mother-in-law!)

  2. Office Depot engineer prints

  3. Open fitting rooms

  4. New socks

  5. No line at Shake Shack

  6. Eating produce before it goes bad

  7. Hearing Christian music in stores and restaurants

  8. Waking up on my own time and realizing that kids both slept in

  9. Quick healing of Rooney’s broken wrist, just in time for her first softball game

  10. When I find myself with an unexpected hour of kid-free time

  11. Peace in my heart that Finch is at the right preschool

  12. Parent’s Day Out at the YMCA

  13. Thinking my gift card only had $7 left on it but then it rang up as $100

  14. Free returns

  15. The work of Richard Scarry

  16. The embarrassed smile on Rooney’s face when Eric and I kiss

  17. Back rubs

  18. Mint ice cream dessert

  19. These cheap toothbrushes

  20. A new iPhone

  21. Finch rocking his dental filling

  22. Restaurants with outdoor seating

  23. A new TV in our bedroom

  24. A nearby playground at Rooney’s softball games to keep Finch busy

  25. Sneaking out to the movie (Downton Abbey) after the kids went to bed when my mom was visiting

  26. A husband who lets me celebrate my birth month, birth week, birth weekend and birthday

  27. Another trip around the sun

  28. The return of fall TV

  29. Rooney being brave and singing with the kids’ choir in church

  30. Aerie oversized sweatshirts