the sisterhood of the traveling scarf

when: tuesday, feb. 21, 2012

what i wore:
dress: h&m mama
tights: we love colors
shoes: simply vera vera wang via kohl’s
scarf: c/o

where: work, life group

these photos are obviously from a few weeks back. :) i got this scarf from amy, who got it from tieka, who got it from sarah, who got it from maggie, who got it from the other sarah, who got it from stacie. did you get all that?

it arrived in this fun box, with a map and list of rules:

i enjoyed my time with the scarf, and hope i don’t get kicked out of the group for breaking the rules and keeping the scarf for much longer than i was supposed to. (something big kind of happened that kept me from the post office for a couple weeks.)

the scarf is finally on its way to the adorable liz. i can’t wait to see how she wears it!