my favorites from soon maternity

i’m not sure why i didn’t post this a month ago, but i thought i should show you everything i got with my soon maternity gift card! after all, you’re the reason that i won!

i’ve been wearing these items nonstop since they arrived (well…except for the skinny jeans, which i couldn’t get past my thighs :) so i gave those away and just a couple days ago received the bigger size!).

» the gift card was a huge blessing and came at a great time in my pregnancy, just as i was starting to outgrow my normal wardrobe. thanks again so much for your votes!!!

side note: i have no idea why maternity clothes cost so much more than normal clothes. of course sometimes there is a little extra fabric, but it’s hard to justify it when you will only be pregnant for nine months. i will say that soon maternity has extremely high-quality clothing and i’m hoping i can wear these things when i am not pregnant as well. also, they were having a warehouse sale the day i submitted my order, so i lucked out and was able to get a few more things than i thought i would be able to get.

my gift card was $500 and i only had to pay $26 to get these NINE fabulous things (prices shown are current):



» i am planning to change from my hospital gown into the trudie dress after she is born! i wear it every weekend and love it!


» i have wanted a pair of work pants like the flora capris for a while now. i love them! the waistband folds over so i plan to wear them even when i’m not pregnant.

» i almost didn’t order the leggings (because i know i can buy leggings for cheaper many places, but i have to say that i am glad i got them because i am wearing them a lot). this pair has a low waistband, which works great with tighter tops, whereas my other maternity leggings have a full belly panel and work better with loose tops.