summer bucket list


Last summer we were in survival mode learning how to balance a newborn and a 3-year-old. There was no summer bucket list except to survive. Eric would take Rooney to do things in an attempt to give her lots of attention and make her feel loved, while I stayed home with Finch in an attempt to keep him on schedule and learn his signals. While we made the most of it, we felt like we were apart most of the time. This summer we are dreaming of lots of fun family outings - some of our favorites and some new things we have never tried! Here are 15 things I hope we can do!

  1. Van Dee's Ice Cream Shoppe
  2. Eat a crepe and smoothie at the Des Moines Farmers' Market
  3. Walk the Principal Riverwalk (1.2 miles)
  4. Family trip to Okoboji
  5. Des Moines Art Festival
  6. Take Rooney to the Finding Dory movie (fun fact: Eric and I's first movie in the theater together was Finding Nemo)
  7. Get a malt at Snookies Malt Shop
  8. Eat an elephant ear and a bucket of cookies at the Iowa State Fair
  9. Hiking at Ledges State Park
  10. Iowa Cubs game
  11. Cousin swimming day
  12. Heavenly Delights ice cream parlor
  13. Eat a strawberry from our garden
  14. Check out the fountains at Cowles Commons
  15. Find a food truck