easy t-shirt necklace

got 30 minutes? here’s a super easy do-it-yourself necklace. and believe me, if it wasn’t super easy, i probably wouldn’t do it! :)

i’ve seen this diy floating around the blogosphere for a while now, and finally carved out some time to try it. i followed this tutorial by kiera of a pretty penny.

1. i started with an old sorority t-shirt and craft scissors. do you have a shirt that’s too small or big, or has a stain? that will work perfect!

2. cut the hem off the bottom and throw it away or save it for another project.

3. cut the shirt into one-inch (or smaller) strips of fabric.
i got out the measuring tape because hubs and i were “discussing” how big an inch was, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

i wasn’t sure how many strips to cut, but there was a print on the back of my t-shirt so i was only able to cut nine strips, and it turned out to be a good number for me.

4. stretch each strip of fabric so it rolls (and softens).

5. double up each circle. mine were different sizes (somehow?), so i also arranged them by size.

6. layer all the pieces together and throw it on!

next time, i will choose a softer shirt, cut the strips a little smaller, and maybe use two different shirts for a two-toned necklace!

what do you think?