The Best Diaper Bag in the World

Much to Eric's surprise, I think, and perhaps it will be to yours as well: I'm not interested in buying a bunch of expensive things for the baby. We're really trying to be very smart and simple. Sure, I would love an Orbit stroller, but deep down I know it's silly to spend that much (although we do accept gifts! :)). Kelsey three years ago thought very differently, but seriously, plain white crib sheets sound fine to me and are actually much more attractive than many baby bedding sets I've seen. More to come on baby gear later, but I wanted to share with you the greatest diaper bag ever...

It's the one my parents used with me when I was a baby! Isn't it awesome? I used it as a tote bag in college and am so excited to now use it for its intended purpose. The other side of the bag has compartments for bottles, but other than that it's very simple.

There is also a matching baby blanket, Mr. Banana Head, which I slept with through college and was retired (by Eric) when we got married, so I am thrilled to be able to pass it on to our babe! I can't wait to bring our baby home in that blanket!

Why It Rocks

  1. It's yellow gingham, vintage and handmade with love.
  2. It's free! It does need a little repairing, but you can't beat the price.
  3. It means a lot to me knowing that my parents used it with me 28 years ago.

Of course, when baby gets here, we might realize we need something a bit more sturdy or with interior sections. But I love the idea of using this for now!