my purple bracelet

Photo May 14, 9 23 18 PM.jpg


jacket: Madewell (similar)
T-shirt: J.Crew (similar)
pants: Gap (similar)
shoes: Converse

You may have noticed in my outfit posts that I've been wearing a purple bracelet for the past seven months. It's for my brother, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer last September. After surgery, intense chemo and another surgery, he is now a cancer survivor. Last week he had his three-month follow-up, and I am happy to report that the cancer is still gone. Cancer is such a hard, hard thing to go through. Hard for the individual, and hard for the people watching and praying and trying their best to support in the best way they know how, even if that's simply wearing a bracelet. If you're going through it right now or watching someone else go through it, my heart goes out to you..xoxo