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to market, to market to buy a fat pig

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when: wednesday, june 26, 2013

where:family bike ride to our local farmer's market

my outfit details:

  • headband:
  • sunglasses: original penguin (gift)
  • tank:american apparel
  • shorts: urban outfitters
  • sandals:target

Rooney's outfit details:

we've been taking lots of family bike rides this summer. a couple weeks ago we hopped on our bikes (Roo has a seat behind me) and rode a couple miles to our town's little farmer's market. it is nothing like the Des Moines Farmers' Market, which is certainly one of America's best, but it's charming in its own way. i had a good time walking around the booths and talking to the small business owners, learning about how they got started and how long they have been honing their craft. my favorites were a sweet old man who does wood carvings (child stools, piggy banks, etc.) and a sweet lady who raises bees and makes flavored honey. Eric tested the jalapeno honey and thought it was pretty good.

hope you are having a great summer so far! i can't believe it's already mid-July!

*photos by Eric