walk the line

when: tuesday, aug. 9, 2011

what i wore:
headband: bumble and bumble c/o bella salon
sports bra: nike
tank: american apparel
shorts: russel athletic (from my high school track team uniform)
socks: journey’s
shoes: asics gel nimbus 13

where: walk with the hubs

here’s a better look at my snazzy new running shoes. and i know you can’t really see my sports bra, but it comes with an embarrassing story. after brandi chastain showed hers off in the 1999 world cup final, i just had to have it. (not *the* one she was wearing, but the same style.) i think it was like $40 or something crazy like that. (i’ll admit i was spoiled growing up, but i promise i wasn’t too much of a brat.) it’s already lasted me 12 years so i guess it was totally worth it, right? thanks, mom and dad.