Web Gems // 06

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  • What color will your kid's eyes be? This is a fun chart! I have brown eyes and Eric has green eyes. I was surprised to see that our kids only have a 50% chance of having brown eyes (Rooney's are brown!).
  • This thermostat looks so cool! I'm trying to convince Eric to let us get one when we finish our basement. Can you imagine being able to change the temperature of your house from your phone?
  • Your birth order is a huge factor in how you raise your kids. Any other middle children out there? Hint: We make awesome parents!
  • I love how Jen creates small runs of beautiful things and then sells them in her Etsy shop. This time she is selling beautiful hand painted wooden bead necklaces. I stayed up late on Tuesday night and snagged my favorite, but there are still some left for you!