Web Gems // 37

Hey guys! I'm really excited because I've been working with Joa Jean on a new blog design...coming very soon! I'm switching over to a new platform (Squarespace!) and need to work out a few more things before it can go live. But, here is a sneak peek:


So pretty and simple, right? She does amazing work.

Have a great weekend! Any fun plans? I get to meet my new niece, Quinn Cole!


My favorite links from around the Web this week:

  • Trying to cope with motherhood? Read this post. Here's my favorite line: "I could not wrap my mind around the fact that my life was FULL TO THE BRIM of things that needed to be done that I was not good at."
  • I am very excited to see the movie American Blogger. I know (have met) three people in the film and as a blogger myself, I'm just excited to see a fun project about it. There has been a lot of controversy around the documentary, but I loved Melissa's honest recap.
  • A great post for bloggers and blog readers who want to learn more about affiliate programs.