what i bought this week

i order something online at least once a week. (yes, you read that right.) it's so easy and i love when i find the lowest price, a coupon or free shipping. (hence why i wrote this.) sometimes it's just diapers (it's harder to get to target nowadays!) and sometimes it's more fun like clothing. >> i remember when i was in high school, convincing my mom that ordering online was completely safe and that we should buy my volleyball shoes that way. i still get spam emails from those lists that must have been sold, thinking i am Jane and live in my childhood home...

when the packages show up, it feels like my birthday! or Christmas! or just a monday!

i've also noticed less buyer's remorse when i buy things online. i guess i don't feel the pain of it as much . . . i'm not saying that is a good thing, but i almost always have buyer's remorse when i buy something in person.

here's what i bought (online) this week:


  1. humidifier for Rooney's room (on sale!).
  2. dotted t-shirt for me.
  3. baby book for Rooney.
  4. gray t-shirt for me.
  5. envelopes for cash spending.
  6. white t-shirt for me.


what'd you buy this week?