fall 30 for 30: what i learned...and my shopping list!


i made it! :)   <— {i knew i would, but i’m still proud and very happy!}

what i learned:

  • i have enough clothes. more than enough. i don’t need anything. i bet i have 200 pieces in my closet. it saddens me to think of the waste! i’m going to do better. (stay tuned for a post about editing my closet, which includes trying on everything and donating the items i no longer wear.)
  • i like my clothes. i know i’ve complained to my husband before that i have nothing to wear or want new clothes, but overall i’m am quite happy with the pieces i have. at least the ones i remixed with. :)
  • i want to start thrifting. i’ve seen some really great pieces on other girls that were purchased at thrift stores.
  • when i shop, i should focus more on accessories and items that can be easily remixed into multiple outfits.
  • i should try to wear at least six different things every day. that’s when my best outfits happen. when i think i’m over-accessorizing, i’m probably not.
  • there are a lot of other cool fashion bloggers out there! the community kendi created is pretty darn neat, and i hope it doesn’t go away!

my shopping list:

  • a knee-length skirt
  • denim jeans that are work-appropriate (no holes) — i only have two right now
  • colored tights (orange? mustard? blue?)
  • waist belts (my new favorite accessory!) — maybe in gray, white, a fun color, metallic and/or with a bow
  • cognac boots
  • over-the-knee socks (to wear with tights and boots)
  • patterned button-down — maybe from the men’s department so it’s long and comfy
  • ok, so maybe this entire outfit?