so...what is snappy casual, anyway?

i got this email a couple weeks ago and wanted to share it with you. names were NOT changed to protect the innocent :)

Q. So, the girls are kidnapping me on Sat. for my B-Day outing (Big 5-OHHHHH) I inquired about what I should wear, Kathy’s response…..Snappy Casual. Now where do you think she got that? And….. so what do I wear?????

A. Hi! I love this!

First, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable! That’s the casual part. Whatever it is that makes you feel good and still comfortable—for me it’s my jeggings, but for you it might be a favorite pair of jeans or a skirt or a t-shirt or broken-in sandals.

And then also try to wear something that’s a little unexpected and fun—a hat, headband, hair clip, big necklace, special purse or shoes, etc. Something you don’t wear every day but that’s a bright color or has special detail or makes you feel fabulous and stand out a bit. It IS your birthday after all! 

i’d love to hear what snappy casual means to YOU! please share in the comments!