12 weeks

sweater poncho (c/o)
jeans (c/o)
boots (HERE in size 8.5 or similar in size 6)

I'm going to try my best to keep up with documenting this pregnancy, but it's already been much harder than last time, when we never missed a weekly bump photo from 10-38 weeks! I've seen some other bloggers use this bulleted list format to document the weeks - so I'm gonna give it a shot as an easy way to jot down what I'm feeling!

  • How far along: 12 weeks in these photos, but 13 weeks as I write this
  • Total weight gain: 3-5 pounds? I'm not certain of my starting weight...
  • Maternity clothes: Just one dress and a pair of leggings so far. I also just ordered this dress and these leggings. My regular pants are buttoning again now that the first trimester bloating is going away and baby is moving up in my abdomen.
  • Gender: I'm pretty sure it's a boy (gut instinct!), but we hope to find out for sure in January! We're in desperate need of boy names!
  • Movement: Nothing yet. This time I finally understand what people mean though when they say they don't know if they feel gas bubbles or baby kicks. I had never felt gas bubbles before! Now I feel them all the time.
  • Sleep: Pretty good now that I'm in the second trimester. My insomnia is fading and I don't ever get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (even though I think I only did that once in the first trimester). Rooney has been a little gem and sometimes sleeps until 8:00 am!
  • What I miss: My energy and being able to digest my food quicker (it feels so sluggish!)
  • Cravings: Bread and cheese
  • Nursery update: We've chosen the room for baby (which was easy because we only have one empty bedroom in our house, which we've used as a guest room thus far), but that's about it :-) It's a very small room so we will keep it simple. We're planning an Ikea trip in January to get a dresser. I'd also like to paint an accent wall and get a nice rocker this time.
  • Mommy thoughts: I'm a second child and have always loved it (I never felt neglected), so I'm trying to not feel guilty about not taking as many bump photos. I'm also really getting excited about the thought of having a boy! But, if it's a girl, I think we already have a name picked out! I recently bought a pair of cute little gold moccasins for the baby since Rooney doesn't need any more clothes and it was one of the last things on my short list of "things I want to buy for the next baby that Rooney never had." Rooney likes to sit on the baby and tickle the baby and poke the baby and talk to the baby, and it seriously makes my heart burst!


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