Rooney, 33 months

Photo Nov 22, 1 18 59 PM.jpg


weight: nearly too heavy for me to carry
clothing size: 3T-4T
diaper size: 5
shoe size: 9-10


  • Went to her first movie in a theater (Big Hero 6) and loved it!
  • Found out she is going to be a big sister in June (have you seen the video?)
  • Stayed with her cousins for the weekend
  • Can count to 15
  • Recognizes the numbers 1, 3, 4, 7
  • Favorite colors are orange and pink
  • The key to getting her to like a pair of shoes is if she can get them on herself
  • Knows what month it is (she pronounces them "Novemer" and "Decemer")
  • Loves the Christmas tree and likes to sing "Away in a Manger"


  • Not much new...macaroni and cheese still trumps everything
  • Finally decided to try a hamburger with the bun, and loved it
  • I added a cup holder to her car seat and it was one of the best things I've ever done


The most common words out of her mouth are "What?" and "Why?" It can be exhausting to keep up! Also, any day or time previous to right now is "yesterday." My favorite is when she randomly says "Mommy, I love you!" and "Mommy, can I have a kiss?"

  • "Sunday Monday Tuesday Friday"
  • "Um I don't really yike this movie I guess."
  • "Oh. Hold on. Hold the phone."
  • "Thank you for watching the movie with me. Thank you. It was fun! We had popcorn..."
  • "Mom! You come back?"
  • Wearing orange gloves: "I'm a fire fighter!"


  • Sleeps in her crib with a sleep sack, paci and Cabbage Patch Kid
  • Takes one nap a day
  • Usually sleeps for 12 hours at night


  • Had a cold
  • Gets adjusted at the chiropractor weekly
  • Takes a bath twice a week
  • Not interested in potty training


Her independence is growing so much!

  • Can put on pants and shoes by herself
  • Can unzip and take off her coat by herself (and hang it up if the hooks are low enough)
  • Can open the garage door
  • Can peel off and do stickers by herself
  • Picks out the best outfits all on her own
  • Shovels the snow with daddy
  • Gets frustrated when she physically can't do something she wants to do, like put on her socks or her doll's clothes


I feel like you've aged an entire year in the past month. You are saying many new phrases and asking many questions about how and why things work. I'm so thankful God gave us such a thoughtful little girl. We are having so much fun together as a family of three and are trying to soak up these precious moments. I'm so looking forward to seeing you experience the joy of Christmas!