my outfit: 16/30

monday, feb. 14, 2011

what i wore:
shirt: loft
cardigan: urban outfitters
vest: h&m
belt: target
jeans: banana republic
shoes: target


well, today was interesting. we had a coed volleyball game and afterward our jeep wouldn’t start. the lights and radio were working, but it wouldn’t turn over. i tweeted about it and our friend saw it so she and her husband came to pick us up and drive us home. thank goodness for kind friends! $700 later, we were able to have trish (our jeep) towed and a new starter put in. unexpected car expenses are no fun, but it could be a lot worse. if you haven’t read our debt-free story, you should check it out at our family blog.

back to the outfit: i like it! it doesn’t really match, but i think the colors all work together. it’s very comfortable and warm—and i love pairing these perfectly faded and cuffed jeans with my converse. what do you think?