19 weeks

i think i lied last week. i turn a new week on mondays. (that would make sense since i’m due on a monday, right?) we usually take our bump photos on sundays…oops.

i’m pretty sure i’ve worn this outfit before. or at least something really close

when: sunday, oct. 16, 2011

what i wore:

where: lunch with my family 

  • somehow my bump looks smaller than it did at 13 weeks! is this normal? i still don’t think strangers can tell that i’m pregnant.
  • we have an ultrasound next week! it will probably be our last one if everything looks ok. i really hope the tech is able to tell what we’re having because we’re planning to throw a gender reveal party the next day with our family and friends. but more than that i just want to know that baby is growing as it should and has all the parts!
  • i must praise my husband for going to every single appointment with me so far! what a trooper. he even gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, too, so i don’t feel like i’m doing this alone.
  • i kind of talked about this last week, but i’d say my biggest issue right now is sleeping. it’s hard to get comfortable and my back is a little sore. so i just lay there for at least an hour and daydream about what our baby will be and what we will name it. and those crazy dreams! i can’t even talk about them, they are so weird.