better yet

when: saturday, oct. 15, 2011

what i wore:
sweater: h&m
scarf: mimibird
pants: vans, swapped
heels: liz claiborne via dsw

where: church, dinner with friends

the only thing that would make this outfit better is these shoes. (oh, and maybe pants that button, but i won’t be picky.) it’s too bad i don’t own them…YET. i feel like lots of bloggers do (kendidotty, ang) but i call them the red kendi shoes.

if i ordered them now it would be a total impulse buy, even though they are on sale. and we know i’m trying to be a smarter shopper. so i’ll wait for the true red color to come back in stock, and if i still want them then i just might order them. i somehow feel a need to own them, and i don’t even like red. i ordered red jeggings over the weekend, too. what is happening to me?

p.s. however, these purple shoes do represent a good cause!