my outfit: 21/30

saturday, feb. 19, 2011

what i wore:
shirt: old navy
necklace: target
trench: old navy (not included in 30 for 30)
jeans: banana republic
belt: target
shoes: target

family day: bowling, dinner and hanging out

i feel like wilma flintstone every time i wear this necklace, and my brother was sure to point it out as well (i am the butt of a lot of jokes in my family). i’ve almost donated it many times, but for some reason i always decide to keep it around. i love the bright color, but it’s quite heavy (not the best for bowling).

my family got together over the weekend to celebrate the last time we’ll have just two kiddos in our clan. in just one short week, our lives will be changed yet again by the innocence and peace of a little baby girl. i love her so much already! here’s a bonus shot of me and my sister (37 weeks pregnant):