21 weeks

we’re having a GIRL! and we’re so excited!

  • at the 20-week ultrasound, everything checked out perfect. goodness, we are so blessed. they are able to look closely at so many things (check the lips for cleft palatte, check the feet for club foot, umbilical cord position, heart chambers, blood flow, vertibrae, etc.) and it was so fun to see our little babe again! eric and i always hold hands during the ultrasounds and give little squeezes when we just can’t contain our excitement.
  • she weighs 13 ounces and is the length of a banana, and her heartbeat was 153 bpm.
  • the ultrasound tech says our baby has a lot of fat on her face (making the 3D ultrasound photos less freaky), which i was really excited about! good job, baby!
  • eric felt her kick for the first time this past weekend! we were laying in bed on saturday morning and she was kicking so hard so i took his hand and i almost cried when he said he could feel it! it was such a special moment!
  • on saturday i was watching my belly while eric was watching football, and i saw it move when she kicked really hard! it was crazy. i partly feel like i’ve been invaded by aliens and partly like this is the coolest thing ever.
  • i got asked by the carlos o’kellys waiter how far along i am. i was thrown off a little because i wasn’t sure anyone could tell yet! woo!
  • i’m fairly certain that i’ve been experiencing braxton hicks contractions in the past few weeks (just a few times). they are quite uncomfortable. i’m trying to look on the bright side and using them to practice my deep, slow breathing that i plan to use during real labor, but it’s hard to do when i’m at work and just want to lay down!