his + hers: halloween edition! juno and paulie

when: friday, oct. 28, 2011

her outfit:
hoodie: gift from eric a long time ago (originally from urban outfitters and he sewed on some hearts to the right chest and a music note on the hood)
t-shirt: c/o striped shirt
tunic: forever 21
jeans: gap maternity (borrowed)
shoes: converse for target

his outfit:
sweatbands: old
shirt: wal-mart, painted
shorts: borrowed
socks: champion (kelsey’s)
shoes: asics

where: work

i dread halloween every year — the pressure to have a brilliant idea, the planning of the costume(s), spending money on something you may never wear again…but i hate to be a party pooper!

we work at the same company so we thought it would be fun to do a combined pregnancy-themed costume. and we were able to scrounge up costumes from stuff we mostly had on hand. i paid $2.13 for the jug of sunny d and eric spent $8 on his shirt and paint. what do you think?

remember last year’s costume?