25 weeks

  • How far along: 25 weeks
  • Baby's size: Ear of corn
  • Total weight gain: <2 lbs. (due to Whole30)
  • Baby's heart rate: 160 bpm at last check
  • Maternity clothes: All day every day
  • Gender: Boy
  • Baby names: Done and done. Sometimes I can't believe how much I love his name. Other times I second-guess it. I felt the same with Rooney, so I'm gonna just trust the fact that it's the only name Eric and I both got excited about. Silly hormones. He's named after a band we used to listen to in college (as is Rooney). Music was a huge part of our dating relationship and I love that our kids have that in common.
  • Movement: He's moving a lot and kicking really strong!
  • Sleep: I have been staying up pretty late. I can't believe we're going to have a newborn in just a few months and how little sleep we will be getting!
  • What I miss: Laying flat on my back
  • Cravings: Sugary treats!
  • Nursery update: We painted last week! We also finished our geometric statement wall that you can see in these photos (I will post about it soon). Next up: Closet makeover! Then paint the crib and dresser, and make some canvas art. There's actually quite a bit left to do before he comes!
  • Mommy thoughts:
    • I really really really love the second trimester. I am kind of sad that this will probably be the last time I'll be pregnant!
    • Wow, 25 weeks feels really real! Just a few months left!
    • I have been very forgetful lately. I drove 20 blocks past my turn the other day, and also forgot it was Beach Day at Rooney's school.
    • We have another ultrasound next week to check my placenta shape and how he's growing!