27 weeks

when: monday, dec. 12, 2011

what i wore:

where: work, bunco

  • i had an appointment last week, and now we start going every other week. i’m excited to go more often for added peace of mind that all my symptoms are normal, and to continue to get to know my midwives.
  • my uterus size is measuring correctly and her heartbeat at our last appointment was 155 bpm.
  • total weight gain = 7 pounds (up one pound from last month)
  • eric signed up for a daddy class at the hospital…how cute is that?!
  • new symptom of the week: my balance must be shifting because i keep running into walls…and people…
  • it seems as if the third trimester (which officially starts next week) has been slowly setting in over the past few days. my energy is down, i get dizzy/light-headed if i don’t eat every hour, and i’m much thirstier. saltines have become my friend again. i am not looking forward to feeling this way for the next three months, but luckily our schedule slows down after christmas and it means our little muffin will be here soon. physically i’m not too uncomfortable yet.
  • she is moving SO much. i had no idea she would/could move this much. she is a crazy little lady. :)
  • we started our birth class last week. it’s a dvd we bought and are doing it by ourselves at home. after the first session i felt great…and eric was terrified. haha. i have been reading a lot about labor and delivery since the beginning so i am a little more prepared. he will be great, but i’m thankful for this class because it will teach us both a lot about what to expect.
  • we’ve shared her name with my immediate family. they all seem to like it! :) i can’t wait to tell everyone else once she’s here!
  • i have my glucose test next week! i had an extra sick day to use before the end of the year so i decided to pamper myself and take the whole day off. wish me luck!
  • with 88 days to go, i’m enjoying pregnancy. i feel healthy and i’m trying to soak it all in because it will be over before i know it!

here we go, third trimester!