28 things I'm grateful for this February

  1. A tax refund

  2. Redbox On Demand (perfect for snow days — the kids loved Small Foot)

  3. Whole30 (I’m over halfway done!)

  4. Speakerphone (the only way my kids will be quiet when I’m on the phone, because they can hear the other person)

  5. Solving the “summer care” puzzle for Rooney (she’s signed up for four different camps…phew!)

  6. Apple Music free three-month trial

  7. Finding a natural deodorant I love

  8. A date night to Dear Evan Hansen

  9. Rooney being brave and going to a cheerleading clinic

  10. Collagen peptides

  11. Wednesdays with Finch

  12. Pushing myself outside my comfort zone and trying hot yoga and barre classes

  13. Daddy Daughter Dance

  14. A perfect day for sledding

  15. Rooney handling her teeth fillings well

  16. Perspective

  17. My nieces making it to state swimming, and getting to cheer them on

  18. An overnight visit from my brother and his kids

  19. Having the courage to ask questions I didn’t necessarily want to hear the answers to

  20. 20 Whole30 freezer meals from Wildtree (they make it so easy and delicious!)

  21. A date night with friends to see our favorite band, Needtobreathe

  22. The accomplished feeling you get after a hard workout

  23. A night of uninterrupted sleep

  24. Spontaneously buying airline tickets

  25. A king-size bed

  26. Having curly hair

  27. Eric passing his second class (of six) en route to becoming a Certified Financial Planner (woohoo!)

  28. Carpooling