Whole30 round 2

20 Whole30 freezer meals ready to go!

20 Whole30 freezer meals ready to go!

I noticed my metabolism start to slow when I turned 30 (everyone warned me it would happen, and it did!). I’ve always been fairly tall and slender, and have thankfully always had a good body image, but I love sugar and candy way too much.

Now I’m 35, and I think I’ve gained a few pounds each of the past five years with my current lifestyle. Consuming certain treats (cookie dough, for example) didn’t use to make a noticeable difference in how my clothes fit, but now they do. I understand that the number on the scale is not the most important number, but in my case I know those additional pounds are not muscle.

Last year, after 10+ years of not exercising, I joined a gym. I have enjoyed walking, swimming laps and lifting weights, and while I think physical activity is important, I also think that 80% of maintaining a healthy body weight is what you put in your mouth.


Eric and I did the Whole30 four years ago, and after that experience I said I never wanted to do it again in its entirety … yet here I am! Never say never. :) It’s been less overwhelming this time, perhaps because I know I can do it, or maybe because I’m not pregnant! My normal eating habits are much better than they were four years ago as far as soda and sugar go, but cutting out cheese and grains has been difficult, as chips and queso is my favorite food and I have a strong love for garlic cheese pizza.


My honest “why” for this Whole30 is that I want to look and feel my best* when we go to South Carolina for spring break. That is my big motivator. I have said for six months that before our trip, I will do a Whole30 and get a spray tan. Haha! Well, when I saw our countdown said “32 days til Charleston,” I knew it was now or never.

After one week, I am already noticing clearer skin and increased energy (I’ve also lost a few pounds). I have added in a few hot yoga classes that make me sweat and get my heart pumping, and I love knowing that my body is burning fat instead of sugar.

My favorite meal so far has been garlic balsamic chicken kabobs, one of Wildtree’s Wholly Delicious freezer meals (our consultant makes it so easy and delivers all the groceries already prepped!). Family meals have had more importance (and Rooney has been surprising us with the new vegetables she’s tried).


Things have come a long way in the past four years since we did our first round. Here are some helpful things I’ve found:

Have any Whole30 tips for me? I’m all ears!

*I fully realize the Whole30 is NOT meant for weight loss — it’s a short-term elimination diet before you add back in legumes, grains, dairy, sugar and gluten to see how they affect you … but I’ve tried to cut out sugar and other unhealthy foods on my own, finding that I just didn’t have the commitment or willpower until I said, “OK. Whole30 starts today.” Going forward I want to find a healthy balance where I keep sugar out of my daily diet but still enjoy the occasional slice of pizza.