30 things I'm grateful for in June

  1. Eric's new job!
  2. Little Caesar's for a quick and cheap supper
  3. New York Times crossword app
  4. The wishing well coin funnel at the Science Center (it's the only way I can convince Roo to head toward the exit!)
  5. iPads
  6. Having my friend Emily move back to town
  7. Shade from clouds
  8. A full-term baby!
  9. Waterproof mattress pads
  10. A quick and safe labor and delivery (birth story coming soon!)
  11. Infant formula
  12. Breastmilk
  13. Help from family
  14. Other moms to vent to
  15. Thoughtful Internet friends (Vanessa and Emily!)
  16. Friendly neighbors
  17. Meals delivered by friends
  18. A husband who changes 90% of the diapers when he's home
  19. A potty-trained toddler
  20. The promise of heaven
  21. Placenta pills
  22. A husband who cares and listens when I tell him I'm feeling anxious
  23. Newborn sleep cuddles
  24. Rooney's laugh
  25. Coming home from the hospital to clean sheets and towels
  26. Chicken, bacon & avocado sandwiches
  27. Gilmore Girls (I'm on season 2 and loving it)
  28. A bowl of fresh strawberries
  29. The perfect last night as a family of three
  30. Bacon