DIY nursery word art


This is a super easy and quick DIY that makes a big impact in any room!

I've been in love with this large scale art for a while, and then Eric found this print/saying that we liked, so we combined the two ideas. You could do song lyrics, a special poem or a Bible verse.


  • Canvas - ours is 2' x 4' from Michael's
  • Black shoe polish - I got mine in the shoe section at Target

First we painted the canvas the same color as our walls (we had to cover up a previous painting we had done). Then, I just started writing! The shoe polish gives it sort of a spongy and imperfect look.


I played around with the lettering and actually redid it three times until I was happy with the result. I like how the words at the end of each line fall off the edge of the canvas, but I still wanted it to be legible. The letters d, t and i are lowercase to add variety & quirkiness.


Let me know if you try this! I'd love to see what you create.

P.S. Rooney's Pinterest-famous nursery art.