30 things I'm grateful for in November

  1. A side of the booth all to myself (photographic evidence above!)
  2. The Holy Spirit
  3. Rooney's excitement for the first snow, and watching her build a snowman with the neighborhood kids
  4. Selfie sticks
  5. A new Christmas tradition with Eric's dad's family at a hotel
  6. Small Business Saturday
  7. Blankets
  8. Lavender oil
  9. My boss coming back to work after maternity leave
  10. My new letter board...so fun!
  11. A great conference with Rooney's teacher
  12. Breakfast in bed, EVERY morning
  13. Honeycrisp apples
  14. Free tickets to experience Hilton Magic (Cyclones are ranked No. 5!)
  15. School pictures
  16. Yahtzee with Buddies app
  17. Watching Rooney play peek-a-boo with Finch, and hearing him giggle
  18. No longer feeling the need to stay in the bathroom while Rooney plays in the bath
  19. A clear but soft iPhone case
  20. The best month of sleep yet since Finch was born
  21. A working washing machine (and a handy husband who replaced the lid switch)
  22. Tubtrugs for being the best laundry hampers ever
  23. Car ice scrapers
  24. Kid's vitamins with probiotics
  25. Buffalo check
  26. A new planner for 2016
  27. A husband who holds me at 2:00 am when I can't sleep and the storms of life are too hard for me to bear on my own
  28. Watching Rooney put ornaments on the tree
  29. Disney on Ice (Roo went with her grandma and loved it!)
  30. Rooney "reading" books to us

I would love to hear just one thing you are grateful for!