Finchy fashions


Eric doesn't think Finch will always be this excited to match his mama, so I'm taking advantage of it while I can!



onesie: Old Navy via thredUP
pants: H&M (gift)
socks: Target (gift)



shirt: Madewell
pants: c/o Level 99
socks: Eric's sock drawer (American Eagle)


Finch's body type is ... husky. I love it and I'm sure he'll lean out, but it's been kind of a challenge to find clothes that fit him in all the right ways. He has a long torso (like everybody else in our family), so I'm sizing up in onesies to make sure they can button length-wise, but then many times they are too long in the arms. And, unfortunately, those cute handmade leggings on Etsy don't stretch over his chub. So, it's taken me a while, but I've found that Old Navy onesies and H&M sweatpants fit him just perfect! Which means he wears this outfit a lot! (And I couldn't resist the urge to match!)