30 things I'm grateful for this April


“Studies show that when you’re in gratitude, when you’re feeling gratitude, you can’t be in another state — so you can’t be angry or sad or disappointed when you’re being grateful. So grateful for me is like a seed. And when you’re grateful, you plant a seed in your life which is going to grow a beautiful tree and shade and fruits, and it helps you avoid what I call weeds in our life — sadness, disappointment, anger. So I recommend planting seeds of gratitude the first thing you do in the morning, but even more importantly, the last thing you do before you go to bed. Because when you do it before you go to bed, you wake up with gratitude in the morning, so it programs your mind to be grateful the next day.” —Jay Shetty

I heard that quote on the Ellen on the Go podcast and it’s exactly why I continue to practice gratitude each month. I could find hundreds of things to complain about, but I want to focus on the good.

  1. A movie theater and restaurants popping up near our house

  2. Heated seats at the movie theater

  3. Rooney’s help with chores

  4. Finch learning to buckle himself into his car seat (and also that he can’t quite figure out yet how to unbuckle)

  5. RX Almond Butter (I don’t like almonds or any other almond butter I’ve tried, but this stuff is amazing and Whole30-compliant!)

  6. Getting through the This Is Us season 3 finale without the kids calling for us (we don’t have DVR)

  7. Eric being cleared to ditch his crutches (he broke his foot while we were on spring break in South Carolina)

  8. Warm evening walks around the neighborhood

  9. Seasonal ice cream shops opening back up

  10. 75 degrees and sunny

  11. Target Cartwheel deals

  12. Inbox zero

  13. Jesus’ resurrection

  14. Annual hotel swimming weekend

  15. Finally getting those five bags of donations to Goodwill

  16. No cavities

  17. Packing away the winter scarves, gloves and hats

  18. New podcasts to listen to every Monday morning

  19. Forts

  20. Re-purposing all those road trip activities that we didn’t end up needing for Easter basket gifts

  21. When Finch flashes me a thumbs up and a big smile

  22. Driving with the windows down (our kids’ favorite)

  23. Allergy medication

  24. Mentors

  25. Pizza

  26. Lasting marriage app

  27. Two hours of intentional car time with Eric while the kids watched a movie in the back seat

  28. Curly Girl hair method

  29. That Finch threw up on the laminate floor and not the couch or carpet

  30. Finally seeing some muscle definition in my arms

What are you grateful for this month?