31 things I'm grateful for this May

  1. Finding cool one-piece pajamas in Finch’s size

  2. A new fire pit set

  3. Finch and I having the same love language

  4. Having a trip to plan and look forward to

  5. Rooney asking if she can read every night before bed

  6. That the YMCA staff knows Finch by name

  7. Amazon wish lists

  8. My first trip to Tulip Time

  9. Poffertjes

  10. My kids encouraging me to have an active lifestyle

  11. Rooney having a wonderful school year (how do I have a second grader already???)

  12. Finally finding underwear I love (I’ve been searching for a year!)

  13. Hair dye

  14. A satin pillowcase for frizz-free hair

  15. eBay gold

  16. Bumping into a friend at church that I haven’t seen in a while and getting to chat with her about a decision that’s been weighing on me — I’m certain God orchestrated the entire thing

  17. Being able to sneak Finch’s medicine into applesauce pouches

  18. A tampon hero

  19. Band-aids

  20. Tickets to Armchair Expert Live

  21. That Finch didn’t need stitches when he cut open his head

  22. Bus stop dads

  23. Putting together a new outfit that feels very “me”

  24. Rooney being brave and sleeping with her cousins in Okoboji

  25. That moment when, after four hours in the van, we pull into Spirit Lake and vacation officially begins by rolling the windows down, blasting a summer song and seeing the lake come into view

  26. Built-in cousin babysitters

  27. A long walk with my sister

  28. Little boy mohawks

  29. A Mac & Mia box for Rooney (use my link and code VIP19 to get a $50 credit toward your first box before the end of May!)

  30. Playing trains with Finch

  31. Being able to buy a different vehicle for Eric — with cash!