31 things I'm grateful for in December

  1. Shazam app
  2. Putting the kids to bed and still having time/energy to enjoy "couple time" on the couch (I think it only happened once this month...we're working on it)
  3. Annual family meeting with Eric 
  4. Amoxicillin
  5. Crispy M&Ms
  6. 6.5 hours of sleep!
  7. Wednesday play dates
  8. Gift cards
  9. Christmas jammies
  10. After-hours at a local pediatric clinic
  11. Sea salt hair spray
  12. Watching Finchy learn to pull himself up to stand
  13. Sunsets
  14. A white Christmas
  15. Watching Rooney discover her passion to cook/bake
  16. A shorter commute for Eric
  17. Surviving my first trip to the grocery store with two kids
  18. Finchy learning to sleep in a pack n play
  19. Shorter breastfeeding sessions
  20. Beautiful foggy mornings
  21. Having fun selling clothes on Instagram
  22. Relieving a clogged duct
  23. Peppermint oil
  24. Probiotics
  25. That Rooney still asks me to kiss her owies
  26. Boogie Mist nasal spray
  27. Not going overboard on Christmas gifts for the kids
  28. Stylish temporary tattoos (Roo loves them!)
  29. A Christmas party with friends
  30. Leftovers
  31. Saying goodbye to a hard year, while looking forward to 2016!