36 weeks

i can’t believe i just typed 36 weeks.

when: tuesday, feb. 14, 2012

what i wore:

dress: h&m

cardigan: wallace for madewell (ebay)

necklace: modcloth (won at TxSC 2011)

leggings: be maternity (target)

shoes: wanted (won)

where: work, life group 

  • let me just say that i have a newfound respect for anyone who has ever been nine months pregnant. or pregnant with multiples. {i seriously canNOT imagine.} i’ve had a fairly smooth pregnancy, but things are obviously changing. sometimes i just want to cry. or throw up. or both. :) but i know the end is near, and that it’s best for her to stay in there for at least a few more weeks.
  • my belly button is flattened and has turned into a smile. i wonder if it will pop out?
  • i’m still not seeing any stretch marks, but i’m assuming those typically come in the last couple weeks. (?) i don’t put on lotion or anything because i’ve heard it doesn’t help prevent them.
  • i only want to wear leggings anymore…so i basically wear the same three outfits over and over. it’s pretty boring over here.
  • i get in bed around 7:15 every night. and i wake up throughout the night because i’m hungry or thirsty or need to empty my bladder. it’s crazy how my sleep schedule is very similar to that of an infant’s.
  • they passed around a baby pool at work and someone thinks i’m going to have a 10-pound, 4-ounce baby. should i be offended at this?
  • i’ve been requesting lots of back rubs lately. (my husband is a good man.)
  • all her clothes are washed, and i’ve chosen a couple things to bring with to the hospital. we also started sleeping with her baby blanket so it will have our smell on it. this was eric’s idea, and he was pretty insistent on it. have you ever heard of this?
  • i’m planning to breastfeed, but i’m also concerned about the amount of work it requires. especially right away. plus, eric’s favorite thing to do for a baby is feed it, so that is something we have to keep in mind so he can bond with her. we’re praying for a baby that eats well and sleeps well.
  • it’s a fun game to guess which body part she is sticking out. usually it’s her little butt, which creates a hilarious lop-sided belly. see?