candy queen

when: wednesday, feb. 15, 2012

what i wore:
not my wedding ring…boo swelling :(
glasses: charlotte russe
scarf: mimibird
cardigan: wallace for madewell (here’s one on ebay!)
dress: pretty good via tj maxx
belt: target
leggings: doesn’t matter cause you can’t see ‘em
boots: steve madden

where: work, midwife appointment, dinner, breastfeeding class

valentine’s is over, which means i can now buy bags and bags (and bags) of conversation hearts for 10 cents each. it might be the best day of the year. (i also might have a slight problem.)

have you tried the gobstoppers heart breakers? they are harder to locate than traditional candy hearts, and a few years ago i gave up and ordered a 5 lb. bag online. it cost like $20. the box showed up a month later and only then did i realize it was kind of silly. genius, but silly…they don’t call me the candy queen for nothin’.

p.s. photos today c/o the iphone…turns out an SLR only works when you have the battery…oops! we just got a new lens (a reward to ourselves for completing a financial goal) that we’re excited to try out soon!