38 weeks


jacket / Madewell
T-shirt / 
Old Navy
shorts / Old Navy
shoes / Converse

  • How far along: 38 weeks
  • What's new: I'm sort of amazed (and very thankful) I've made it this far! I've had a lot of contractions this week (seven hours straight on Monday, about 5-7 minutes apart!) and feel like my water could break at any minute. We really want a June baby, so I'm praying he stays in there until at least Monday! If he comes when Rooney did, he'll come before I can post a 39-week update!
  • To do this week:
    • Install blackout shade in the nursery
    • Go on a family date - make Rooney feel super special
    • Convince myself I can do this :-)
  • Baby's size: 7ish pounds?
  • Total weight gain: 29 pounds (two pounds more than I gained with Roo)
  • Baby's heart rate: 150 bpm
  • Maternity clothes: I have officially packed away my maternity jeans. They don't fit anymore! Which is fine because it's been warm here and my shorts and dresses are super comfy.
  • Gender: Boy
  • Baby name: You will know soon! :-)
  • Symptoms:
    • Swelling (my wedding ring no longer feels comfortable to wear)
    • Contractions
    • Cramping
    • Anxiety
    • Irritability :/ 
  • Sleep: I've had a couple good nights and a couple rough nights. And by rough I mean I have trouble falling asleep, strange dreams that make me feel anxious and not deeply rested, and get up and use the restroom at least once.
  • What I miss: Having a lap for Rooney to sit on, and being able to give her underdogs at the park
  • Cravings: Tato Skins bacon & cheddar chips
  • Nursery update: I wrote some words on a white canvas using black shoe polish and really like how it turned out! I will share a DIY soon!
Goodies for the nursery from The Land of Nod!

Goodies for the nursery from The Land of Nod!

  • Mommy thoughts:
    • Eric's sister gets married this weekend, and it's two hours away. Unfortunately, I just don't feel comfortable making the trip. Eric and Roo are going though, so fingers crossed I don't go into labor while they are gone!
    • I gained 4.5 pounds in ONE WEEK. I am retaining lots of fluid and my face is swollen. My legs are big. Even my armpits are swollen, I swear! Eric says he thinks I look great, which helps a lot, and I'm just trying to remember that all the fluid goes away soon after the birth.
    • There are two car seats in our van now! Rooney got upgraded to a harness booster (her "big sister car seat") and the infant carrier is installed next to her. This is getting more real every day!