my outfit: 5/30

thursday, feb. 3, 2011

what i wore:
shirt: old navy
cardigan: urban outfitters
belt: the limited
jeggings: american eagle
heels: target

work, salon, errands

i like this outfit. looking back, i probably should have thrown on a necklace to add a sixth item (i have a six-item theory), but then my husband might have left me at home while he went to work. we carpool, and he is very much a morning person and i am not. i like to sleep until my body has had more than enough rest and then take my sweet time in the shower and getting ready.

i have brainstormed lists of outfit ideas for this challenge, but they haven’t all translated well into real life. so then i get frustrated and have to find a new outfit. this always seems to happen when we are already 15 minutes behind schedule. seriously, i am so lucky that he puts up with me.

p.s. do you see how that snow pile comes up to my waist?!